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Homemade Skin Care


The beauty within can only be natural. Here at Belle Naturelle Beauty we focus on helping

elongate one’s natural beauty with the help of natural products. Our brand formally known as

Belle Naturelle was created in September of 2019 by our CEO Sandy Noel. She was fired from

her job that same month and she decided to start her own company. Natural products have

always been an interest of hers. She posted a video of her body butter on Instagram one day

and was sold out before she even had a product name. We have expanded the brand since then

with the help of our faithful and loyal customers. We care about your skin but most importantly

we care about your health. We use some of the finest and purest herbs, oils, and natural

butters to help the overall health of the skin and your body. We believe that you can heal your

body naturally with the proper knowledge and self care routine. Our brand sheds light on some

of the common issues many face with their skin & body whether it’s Eczema,

Hyperpigmentation, Fibroids, Infertility, or Cystic Acne just to name a few. We stray away from

harsh chemicals that can cause the skin and the body to have underlying conditions and side

effects. After all, 26 seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to

enter your bloodstream, so we hope you understand why natural is the way to go. We cater to

all genders, race, and skin types including children. Belle Naturelle Beauty believes that Natural

is best. We encourage you to lean towards the natural way of living so that you can enjoy the

benefits of living.

- Belle Naturelle Beauty

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